Jan 14, 2016 at 01:19

Dietary energy source largely affects tissue fatty acid composition but has minor influence on gene transcription in Iberian pigs

A trial was performed to compare the effects of different dietary sources of MUFA on the fatty acid (FA) composition, lipid metabolism, and gene transcription in different tissues of Iberian pigs. Twenty-seven Iberian male pigs of 28 kg live weight (LW) were divided in 2 groups and fed with 1 of 2 isocaloric diets: a standard diet with carbohydrates as energy source (CH) and a diet enriched with high-oleic sunflower oil (HO). Ham adipose tissue was sampled by biopsy at 44 and 70 kg LW. At 110 kg LW pigs were slaughtered and backfat, loin, and liver tissues were sampled. Animals of the HO group showed higher MUFA content and lower SFA in all the analyzed tissues (P < 0.001). These main effects were established early during the treatment and increased only slightly along time. Small diet effects were also detected on PUFA, which showed differences according to sampling time, tissue, and lipid fraction. Effects of diet on gene expression were explored with a combined approach analyzing ad

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