Apr 19, 2017 at 04:57

Effect of dietary organic selenium on muscle proteolytic activity and water-holding capacity in pork

Calvo, L. Toldrá, F., Aristoy. M.C. , López-Bote, C.J. and Rey, A.I. This study evaluates the effect of dietary selenium (Se) supplementation source (organic, Se-enriched yeast; SY vs. inorganic, sodium selenite; SS), dose (0.2: L vs. 0.4: H mg/kg) and the combination of Se and vitamin E (VITE+SS) for 26 days on drip loss, TBARS, colour changes, myofibrillar protein pattern and proteolysis in pork. The lowest water losses were observed in the SY-H group when compared to the others. SY-H and VITE+SS groups presented lower myofibrillar protein hydrolysis/oxidation. VITE+SS supplementation also resulted in higher PRO, TRP and PHE content at days 2 and 7, whereas the SY group showed increased GLY and CAR and tended to have higher TAU and ANS at day 2. The myofibrillar fragmentation index was not modified by the dietary treatment; however, at day 8, it tended to be higher in groups supplemented with SeY and VITE+SS. The results of the present study might indicate a possible relation between

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