Dec 22, 2015 at 04:41

Effect of swine genotype (pure iberian vs duroc crossbred) on bíceps femoris muscle transcriptome at birth

IIberian ham is a high quality dry‐cured pork product that may be obtained either from purebred Iberian (IB) or from crossbred Duroc X Iberian (DUxIB) pigs. There are significant differences, from early developmental stages, in productive traits and meat quality between both genotypes. This experiment was conducted to investigate gene expression patterns in IB and DUxIB pigs and to identify potential transcription factors (TF) regulating changes in gene expression. Nine IB and 10 DUxIB pigs were sampled at birth. Carcass traits were measured and samples from Biceps femoris were drawn to study intramuscular fat (IMF) content and composition and to analyze the muscle transcriptome with RNAseq technology. Carcasses were lighter and shorter in IB than in DUxIB neonates (P<0.001); IB piglets showed greater IMF content and n6/n3 ratio (P<0.05) and a trend to greater oleic acid and lower saturated fatty acids content (P<0.1) than DUxIB. Regarding the muscle transcriptome analysis, 150 genes w

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