Dec 22, 2015 at 04:52

Effect of swine genotype and age on longissimus dorsi muscle transcriptome

Iberian pig production is based in both purebred Iberian (IB) and crossbred Duroc X Iberian (DUxIB) pigs. These two genetic types show important differences in growth, fattening and tissue composition.This study was conducted to assess muscular gene expression profiles in16 IB and 20 DUxIB newborns and to understand how this profile may be affected by age. Nine IB and 10 DUxIB piglets were slaughtered at birth, and 7 IB and 10 DUxIB were slaughtered at 4 months‐old. Carcass traits were measured and samples from Longissimus dorsi were taken to study intramuscular fat (IMF) content and composition and to analyze the muscle transcriptome with RNAseq technology. Carcasses were lighter and shorter in IB than in DUxIB neonates (P<0.001). At 4 months-old, IB pigs showed greater IMF content (P<0.05). Age significantly affected expression of 4662 genes in the muscle transcriptome analysis. However, the effect of the genetic type was smaller than time effect, since only 2ti1 genes were found dif

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