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Effects of nutrition on digestion efficiency and gaseous emissions from slurry in growing-finishing pigs. I. Influence of the inclusion of two levels of orange pulp and carob mealin isofibrous diets

An experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of increasing the level of two sources of fibrous by-products, orange pulp (OP) and carob meal (CM), in iso-NDF growing-finishing pig diets on nutrient balance, slurry composition and potential ammonia (NH3) and methane (CH4) emissions. Thirty pigs (85.4 ± 12.3 kg) were fed five iso-nutritive diets: a commercial control wheat/barley (C) and four experimental diets including two sources of fibrous by-products (OP and CM) and two dietary levels (75 and 150 g/kg) in a 2 × 2 factorial arrangement. After a 14-day adaptation period, faeces and urine were collected separately for 7 days to measure nutrient digestibility and the excretory patterns of N from pigs (6 replicates per diet) housed individually in metabolic pens. For each animal, the derived NH3 and CH4 emissions were measured in samples of slurry over an 11- and 100-day storage periods, respectively. Source and level of the fibrous by-products affected digestion efficiency in a

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