Apr 19, 2017 at 04:16

Fat accumulation, fatty acids and melting point changes in broiler chick abdominal fat as affected by time of dietary fat feeding and slaughter age

J. M. Carmona, C. J. Lopez-Bote, A. Daza & A. I. Rey 1. This work aims to quantify changes in fatty acid profile, melting point, abdominal fat accumulation and TBARS production depending on dietary fat source and age at slaughter, and to estimate the optimal date for the change from an unsaturated fat to a saturated fat diet, or vice versa. 2. Treatments established were: 1) Birds fed 8% tallow from 21 to 49 d; 2) Birds fed 8%-tallow from 21-37 d and 8%-sunflower oil from d 38-49; 3) Birds fed 8%-sunflower oil from 21-37 d and 8%-tallow from d 38-49; 4) Birds fed 8%-sunflower oil from 21-41 d and 8%-tallow from d 42-49; 5) Birds fed 8%-sunflower oil from 21-49 d. Birds from each group were slaughtered on d 21, 29, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46 and 49. 3. The PUFA proportion in the SSS group reached maximum values at d 40 and fitted a quadratic response. This group also showed a decrease in SAT and MUFA of lower intensity than the PUFA increase. The highest synthesis of SAT+MUFA was found in the

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