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Glycerin and lecithin inclusion in diets for brown egg-layinghens: Effects on egg production and nutrient digestibility

H.A. Mandalawia, R. Lázaroa, M. Redónb, J. Herrerac, D. Menoyoa, G.G. Mateosa The effects of the inclusion of raw glycerin (GLYC) and lecithin in the diet on egg production,egg quality and total tract apparent retention (TTAR) of dietary components was studied inbrown egg-laying hens from 23 to 51 wk of age. The experimental design was completelyrandomized with six diets combined as a 2 × 3 factorial with two levels of GLYC (0 vs.70 g/kg) and three animal fat to lecithin ratios (40:0, 20:20 and 0:40 g/kg). Each treatmentwas replicated eight times and the experimental unit was a cage with ten hens. Productionwas recorded by replicate every 28-d period and cumulatively. For the entire experiment,the inclusion of GLYC in the diet hindered feed conversion ratio per kilogram of eggs (2.071vs. 2.039; P < 0.05) but did not affect any of the other production or egg quality traits studied. The replacement of animal fat by lecithin (40:0, 20:20 and 0:40 g/kg) increased egg weight(60.1, 60.7 and

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