Apr 19, 2017 at 04:12

Influence of dietary enzyme addition on polyphenol utilization andmeat lipid oxidation of chicks fed grape pomace

S. Chamorro, A. Viveros, A. Rebolé, B.D. Rica, I. Arija, A. Brenes Grape pomace provides a rich source of polyphenols that have the capacity to act as powerful antioxidant. An experiment with ten dietary treatments (30 birds/treatment), was conducted to study the effect of inclusion of phenolic compounds fromgrape pomace (GP) added at different levels (0, 5, and 10%) and the addition (individually or combined) of hydrolyzing enzymes (carbohydrase enzyme complex and tannase at 500 ppm) in broiler chicks (1 to 21 days of age). A diet supplementedwith 200ppmofα-tocopheryl acetate (αT) was also used. Growth performance, ileal and fecal total polyphenol content, thigh meat lipid oxidation, and α-tocopherol and fatty acid content of thigh meat were determined. No differences were observed in body weight, feed consumption and feed efficiency among the different treatments. Birds fed GP diets showed a higher ileal and fecal polyphenol content. The inclusion of tannase in GP diets increased ile

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